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1. Why is smoke testing being done?
2. Why is smoke testing important?
3. How the smoke testing is conducted?
4. When will the testing begin and how long will the project take?
5. As a homeowner, what do I need to do to prepare for smoke testing in my area?
6. Is the smoke harmful? What should I do if smoke comes out of a plumbing fixture in my house?
7. Do I need to be home during smoke testing?
8. How long are the smoke tests?
9. What about pets?
10. What do I do if smoke does enter my building?
11. Can smoke clog the sewer?
12. What happens if you find a bad sewer or lack of traps in a building?
13. Are Police and Fire aware of the smoke testing?
14. What happens after the test results are analyzed?
15. Who do I contact for more information and/or a problem?