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1. What is the Utilities Operations Division (UOD)?
2. Why is 813-757-9172 a contact number on my bill?
3. Where does the City’s drinking water come from?
4. How does the City treat the water?
5. Fluoride Information
6. Should I panic because the water has a taste or odor?
7. Why did the Operator say that I might need to flush my water heater?
8. Is there a way that I can check to see if my water heater might need service?
9. What causes drinking water to be reddish or brown?
10. My drinking water is dark colored, nearly black. What causes this?
11. There is a blue-green stain where my water drips into my sink. What causes this?
12. There is air in my water or something is making it have a milky or white appearance; or it seems to fizz / seems like carbonated water, what is going on?
13. I saw a City employee flushing a hydrant in front of my house, should I run the water inside my house also?
14. Who is responsible for my water leak / break?
15. Will I be charged for an after hour water turn-on?
16. Why is the Utilities Operation Division Operator taking samples from my outside spigot from time to time?
17. Do I need a water softener to have safe drinking water?
18. Should I buy bottled water?
19. What activity in my home uses the most water?
20. What causes loss of water pressure and what do I do if I lose my water pressure?
21. How can I help prevent pollution of drinking water sources?