Parks Division


1904 S Park Road
Plant City, FL 33563-8113



The Parks Division of the Recreation & Parks Department maintains over 809 acres of City property (636 acres of active and passive park land, 121 acres of non-park City property and 52 acres of cemetery land).  They are responsible for a routine maintenance program to preserve, protect and enhance program areas within the parks and have facilities available for community use and prepped for recreational programming and tournaments.  They are also responsible for grounds maintenance for most non-park City properties, tree trimming services on all City properties and rights-of-way as well as management of the City's five cemeteries.  All 42 employees are also involved with any storm-related recovery, including street clearing and debris removal. 

All crews except Tree Trimming share similar duties such as, mow, edge, weedeat, litter control, shrubbery and low tree trimming, application of various chemicals, park restroom servicing, safety inspections of park buildings and amenities, and minor park building and property repairs, along with their specific tasks as listed below. 

Landscape Crew

-        Maintains over 40 parcels which include neighborhood parks, pavilions, playgrounds, walking trails, the Midtown District, downtown parking lots and other City-owned non-park properties and greenspaces.  They also prepare for special event areas in downtown for scheduled events.

MLK Rec Center/Marie B. Ellis Park/Snowden Park (MMS) Crew 

-        Maintains over 40 parcels which include neighborhood parks, basketball courts, pavilions, playgrounds, walking trails, baseball fields and multi-use fields at MLK Rec Center and Snowden Park, affordable housing vacant lots and other City-owned non-park properties and greenspaces.  They also prepare ball fields and special event areas at MLK Rec Center for scheduled events.

Mike Sansone Park/Otis M. Andrews Sports Complex/Ellis-Methvin Park (Sansone/OMA/E-M) Crew

-        Maintains over 165 acres which include baseball/softball fields, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, modular skate park, pavilions, playgrounds, nature trail, football/soccer/lacrosse fields, hard/clay tennis courts and walking trails.  They also prepare ball fields and special event areas for scheduled events.  

Tree Trimming Crew 

-        Preforms tree trimming on City-owned property, including City street right-of-way.  Responsibilities are to trim or remove damaged, diseased or dying trees, raise the tree canopy over City-maintained roadways and around street signage/lighting, large area (bush hog) mowing, fencing repairs and installation, welding/gate repairs, assist other departments with high-reach work needing a tall bucket truck.  This crew is also considered "first responder" for fallen trees in roadways.      

Cemetery Crew 

-        Responsible for 52 acres of cemetery property with over 26,000 spaces.  Manage the City's services for burial activities, schedule interments, maintain records of lot sales and interments, handle lot sales and interment open/close requests, coordinate space locates for families and monument installations.  They also oversee outsourced grounds maintenance for the Park Road medians and Public Works facility.

 Stadium Crew

-        This crew maintains over 125 acres, including the Plant City Stadium baseball/softball field, grandstands and press box, the Randy L. Larson Softball Four-Plex baseball/softball fields, pavilion, playground as well as the access areas in and around the Urban Forest property.  They also prepare ball fields and special event areas for scheduled events.
Name Title Email Phone
Mendoza, Emilio Superintendent, Parks Division 813-659-4200 ext. 4305
Iracheta, Abby Administrative Assistant, Parks Division 813-659-4200 ext. 4317
Dierking, Brian Field Supervisor 813-659-4200 ext. 4307
Castano, Fernando Field Supervisor 813-659-4200 ext. 4306
Carrizales, Leo Cemetery Coordinator 813-707-7429
Cook, Paul Tree Trimming Crew Foreman 813-659-4200 ext. 4334
Lugo, Felipe Sansone Park / OMA / E-M Crew Foreman 813-757-9058
Herrera, Oscar MLK / M.B. Ellis / Snowden Crew Foreman 813-659-4200 ext. 4336
Rhoades, Karl Landscaping Crew Foreman 813-659-4200 ext. 4337
Williams, Claxton Stadium Crew Forman 813-659-4200 ext. 4314