Utilities Operations Division

The Utilities Operations Division is responsible for the operation of the City’s drinking water system and the Water Reclamation Facility. All personnel responsible for the operations of these systems are required by federal regulation to become certified in the operation of these systems. The City of Plant City requires all operators to become certified in both water and wastewater operations.

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 The City’s drinking water system is supplied by groundwater from the Floridan Aquifer. We currently have 4 wells which maintain the water supply. These wells are drilled to depths ranging from 730 – 1,203 feet. A 5th well is currently being under design. Our water system is also interconnected with the City of Lakeland’s water system for emergency fire flow use.

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 The Water Reclamation Facility has a treatment capacity of 10 million gallons per day (mgd) with a peak flow factor of 27 mgd. Water from homes, businesses and industries are discharged to the collection system and is conveyed through a network of pipes and pumping stations to our central treatment facility. All wastewater entering the water reclamation facility is treated to meet public access reclaimed water standards. This water is used for industrial use, cooling towers, and irrigation of orange groves, nurseries and lawn irrigation.  Any excess water not used by the re-use customers is sent to the Dechlorination / Re-aeration Facility were the chlorine is removed from the water and aerated prior to discharge to the receiving stream. 

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