Solid Waste


The Solid Waste Department is responsible for trash pick up and recycling.  We do not issue containers for trash, but we issue a small, blue box with our logo for recyclable material.

For customer service and billing matters, please call 813-659-4222.
Additional information that you can obtain from the Solid Waste Department includes:
If debris is not properly prepared, the property owner/resident is responsible for debris disposal and the cost to remove the debris.
  • Avoid stacking debris by utility poles, under power lines, on top of water meters or other water connections, by fire hydrants, by vehicles, next to mailboxes or fences or on storm drains.
  • Do not place debris in the street.
    Separate garbage into the following categories:
  • Garbage – must be placed in bags, not loose
  • Household goods – furniture and carpet
  • Vegetative – tree limbs and trunks
  • Construction materials – drywall, roof shingles, aluminum
  • Appliances – refrigerators, water heaters, televisions and computers