Commemorative Books

The Library appreciates the thoughtfulness of those people in our community who would like to make a contribution to the library in lieu of flowers or gifts in memory or honor of a loved one. Over 400 books a year are added to the Library collection through the Commemorative Book Program.

When a request for a Commemorative Book is made, the family and the donor are notified and thanked. Library staff purchases a book that is needed by the library and when the book is received, a bookplate is placed in the front with the names of the honoree and the donor. A second notice is sent to the family and the donor and the book is held for them to check out.

Books are presented in memory of someone, but can also be given in honor of a student’s graduation, the birth of a baby, an important wedding anniversary or any other special event. For more information, call 813-757-9215, and ask about the Commemorative Book Program. One may also download and print the Commemorative Book Request Form (PDF).