Façade Improvement Grant

Facade Improvement & Code Correction Matching Grant Program
The purpose of the Facade Improvement and Code Correction Matching Grant Program is designed to improve the visual appearance of structures within the Plant City Redevelopment Area (CRA). The program provides funding for property owners and building occupants to repair and rehabilitate buildings located within the CRA.

Assistance is provided through matching grants for the purpose of rehabilitating or restoring the principle facade or to make eligible repairs to correct any code deficiencies within existing buildings used for commercial or industrial activities. As defined in the City Code, Part II, Chapter 38.1, facade means the exterior face of a building, that which is readily visible to the public and is often seen within the context of other buildings facing a street or other public right-of-way.

This program is funded solely with allocations from the Federal Government under the Community Development Block Grant Program, of which Hillsborough County is the recipient and the City of Plant City is a sub recipient, and private donations provided explicitly for this program.

The City is currently developing guidelines for a series of new financial incentives for businesses and property owners in the downtown core of the Community Redevelopment Area.  This includes revisions to the current Facade Improvement Grant Program. 

As of January 1, 2017, there will be a temporary hold on taking new grant applications.