Traffic Unit

The Traffic Management Unit is devoted to traffic law enforcement and traffic crash investigation. Its goal is to ensure that traffic moves safely and efficiently throughout the City. The unit strives to lower the incidents of:
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury
  • Death on the streets and highways
All officers of the unit have attended training as Traffic Homicide Investigators ranging from at-scene investigation to traffic crash reconstruction. Officers also perform many Community Oriented Policing activities and many other community functions.

Traffic Stops
Performing traffic stops is one of the responsibilities of this unit. Reason for these traffic stops include:
  • Moving violations such as speeding, weaving, or reckless driving
  • Equipment and/or registration violations
  • Safety violations such as no seat belts or children not in car seats
  • Criminal investigation: when officer suspects the vehicle or occupants to have been involved in a crime
Steps To Take When Stopped
  1. Stop vehicle as far out of traffic as possible and turn on flashers
  2. Always remain in vehicle unless instructed differently by the officer
  3. Keep hands clearly visible
  4. Listen carefully and follow instructions